If you have smelled anything amazing in the past few days while walking around Maddermarket, blame Chef Jaime Garbutt.  He's been hard at work in the kitchen experimenting with the new pieces of equipment (oven, mixer, ice cream maker, oh my!), and deliciously fabulous ingredients.  I've been busy tasting lots of lovely things: brownies, croissants, pain au chocolate, granola bars, pork pie, cake, and more cake... ice cream, sauces, gluten free cake... fruit, powders, icings... and more cake.  And then he put them all together on exciting plates of just plain beauty.  This is one chef who knows what he's doing.

Here are a few photos I took of lovely things before they were devoured (scroll through the gallery, there are 6 in total).  We are so looking forward to having you in to try them, Norwich!  If all goes well, we'll announce an official opening date later this week!