Well, Norwich, you have a bigger sweet tooth than we anticipated!  We opened last week on July 5th with a lot of excitement, a bit of nerves, and (what we thought) was a lot of food!  We poured our heart and souls, our love and money, and our combined skills into this place, and opening the doors to share it with you was definitely a bit scary!

One of the reasons we decided to move back to Norwich to open our family business is because of the community here, and you certainly showed us that.  Even though we felt we let you down when we had to close (twice! On Friday and on Saturday both for a few hours) because we ran completely out of all food including plated desserts, we had no complaints, just congratulations and encouragement and promises to visit when we could fill bellies again.  We felt so humbled in our opening week with the support of the Norwich community, and we just loved having you in and sharing our treats.  As you know, Jaime makes absolutely everything that is produced in this kitchen- the croissants and cinnamon rolls in the mornings, the cheeky little savouries at lunch, and, of course, his specialty- the desserts!  So in those few hours last week when we had to close to quickly allow ice cream to mix and set, brulees to set, and cakes to cool, we were so thankful to Norwich to letting us open our doors.

We had a few lovely visits last week a well from the Eastern Daily Press who wrote a piece about us.  Mustard TV stopped by for a little interview (did you catch our daughter Ella eating the pretzel and chocolate cookie in the segment?  That shirt may never recover from the chocolate stains! :-).  Leah Larwood from www.rootsandtoots.com wrote a gorgeous piece alongside some beautiful photos.  And Monocle 24 chatted with Jaime about all things dessert on their podcast The Globalist.

We've loved seeing your photos on social media and sharing our daily offerings, but best of all- we've loved meeting you!!

So after a week of 18 hour days (at my 34 week appointment yesterday, my midwife has since quashed that!), we are feeling a bit more organized though we are still finding our feet.  As we continue to learn in theses opening days and weeks, we know that the reason we can is because of you, Norwich (is that too cheesy??).

In any case, here are some pictures of from our opening week (interior shots by Leah Larwood) and more can be found on our Instagram/twitter/facebook @figbarnorwich (all linked at the bottom of our website).  Thank you again for your support! It's overwhelming and humbling and oh-so-exciting!