We quietly opened our doors this past Thursday and Saturday without fanfare or fuss to test out our systems and procedures.  There were a few setbacks- mostly little things like when I couldn't get the cash drawer to open (final solution? Turn the machine on and off again!), but overall a nice introduction to our flow.  

It was especially awesome to start to meet the great people of Norwich, all of whom were incredibly lovely and patient, especially with our apprehension with our coffee skills (we're good now, I promise!  But let me tell you, steaming milk for practice is much different than an order of four cappuccinos and the queue that follows it).

Check out this gallery of images I've put together from the dessert test on Thursday night and the day practice Saturday.  I know he's my husband, but I'm pretty in awe of Chef Jaime and his cooking/baking/plating/styling/food development skills.  I'm not kidding when I say everything you see-from the croissants to the brownies to the ice cream- is made daily in our Figbar kitchen.  If these food pictures don't bring you in, I just don't know what will! 

The most amazing news is, we are set to officially open our doors on Tuesday, July 5th at 8am!  We can't wait to see all you lovely people then!