As many of you know, we welcomed a new member to the Figbar Family- an adorable (if I do say so myself) little baby girl named Ariele.  She was born on Tuesday, August 16th, and many of you noticed we closed our doors for a few days while I recovered (the midwives at the Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital were fab!), and Jaime & Ella took care of me.  

We had special celebration cookies when we reopened Friday- featuring some of my favourite American goodies: butterscotch chips and rainbow sprinkles! (Special shoutout to my mom who showed up from the USA 2 days after Ariele was born with 20lbs of butterscotch chips in her luggage!  I wonder what customs thought about that one! :-) 

I've been taking a backseat while Ariele gets to know the world, but we are both visiting Figbar as much as possible, and she is hoping to meet all of you soon!  In the meantime, we have some great women who have joined the team (hey Vicky, Leah, Dani, and Poppy!), and, of course, Jaime isn't going anywhere!  

Jaime also managed to get two new desserts on the menu in my absence: Tea 'n' Toast (earl grey creme brûlée, lemon curd, toasted brown bread ice cream, squashed fly biscuits, & cornflakes) and Mojito (minted kaffir lime mousse, lime curd, rum ice cream, brown sugar, & lime sherbet).

And (more importantly?) our wine list is slowly getting longer (now that I'm not pregnant and getting back to my role as chief wine taster).  It's listed as a recommended pairing on the menu, but seriously try the 10-year-old Tawny port with the Snickers dessert.  It's phenomenal. 

I'll get some pictures up here soon for you, but follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for photo updates and to find out what we are up to on a daily basis.  See you all at Figbar soon!