It's officially winter and Christmas is now only 3 sleeps away! I can't think of a better guest to next #fillourtable here at our (fictional) Figbar Christmas Dinner Party: Matt Adlard aka Topless Baker! 

The world of social media is a crazy one, and Matt is a star among it. His skills, winning smile, and fab biceps are melting hearts (and chocolate) across the internet. His youtube channel is such great fun, and his instagram account is simply lovely. He knows how to demonstrate and also how to poke a bit of fun at himself. He's charming, and you'll find great joy in watching him! 

Matt is Norwich raised, and, as often happens in our Fine City, he and I ran into each other on the Earlham Road. Having never met in person, we both stopped and pointed at each other me questioning "Matt?"  and him "Steph?"... and both exclaiming "I know you!" It's strange to meet an internet friend in real life, isn't it? I feel as though you forget that you hadn't even officially befriended one another yet... and in a way the other person is like a book character. How fun it is to have them in person!! 

Matt is as utterly charming in real life as he is online. He is genuine and interesting and just lovely. It is with sheer joy that I introduce the next guest to #fillourtable: Matt Adlard!

Name: Matt Adlard
What you do: I’m a YouTube chef & baker!
A Bit About Matt: I’m 26 years old and grew up in Norwich all my life with my family. I went to Wymondham College before going to study International Business in Birmingham. After university I worked in London for 3 years but I got pretty tired on the craziness and recently moved back. I now live here with my girlfriend and our little puppy Cookie! 

Find Matt:


1. You are at our Christmas dinner party, aside from us, who would you have at your ideal table and why?

I have a lot of family in America who we don’t get to spend Christmas with very often, so I would love to have my English & American family all together at our Christmas table. 

2. What foods are you most thankful for?

Chocolate! Everything at Christmas has to have chocolate in it :)

3. What is your most cherished family tradition regarding food?

Our tradition is quite non traditional in that we cook whatever we really crave - so If someone wants mashed potatoes, or dauphinoise at Christmas we have that! We never stick to one specific meal each year, we just have a schmorgesborg of all our favourites! 

4. What act of kindness has made the biggest/greatest difference to your life?

I was lucky to inherit some money from my aunt, and it was a huge help in setting me up with my first house and getting settled back in Norwich. So I’m thankful everyday for her support! 

5. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

My dad said I had nice arms on TV once ;) 

6. If you had a dollar/pound to give to anyone in the world, who would you give it to and why?

I’d give it to my baby niece! I’ve got a little piggy bank set up for her, so when she turns 18 she has a pot of money to go travelling with, so I would top that up :) 


Thank you, Matt! We so loved getting to know you better!!