As December keeps leading us towards Christmas, we have more guests "arriving" to our (fictional) Figbar Christmas dinner table! Next to join us is the phenomenal Jessica Jane Applegate MBE. Jessica Jane is an S14 International Para Swimmer and a part of the Norfolk Sports Academy. She lives in a small village in Great Yarmouth with her mum & two rescue dogs.

This woman is a force of nature. She loves her home county of Norfolk and has defied British Swimming by refusing to move to Manchester to the high performance center (we're all quite keen on keeping you here too, Jess! :-). Jessica believes that the local support she has had along with the exceptional training facilities Norfolk has to offer there really is no reason for her to move away from such a beautiful county.

It's hard to simplify her list of swimming accomplishments- so I'm not even going to try. Feast your eyes on the achievements of this talented swimmer:

  • Numerous British, European & World records
  • Paralympic Games London 2012 
  • Gold S14 200m Freestyle
  • 4th S14 100m Backstroke 
  • Honored with an MBE by the Queen in the New years honors list December 2012 
  • World Championships Montreal, Canada 2013
  • Gold S14 200m Freestyle
  • Silver S14 200m Individual Medley 
  • Bronze S14 100m Backstroke
  • European Championships Eindhoven, Netherlands 2014
  • Silver S14 200m Freestyle
  • Bronze S14 200m Individual Medley
  • Bronze S14 100m Backstroke
  • World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 2015
  • Gold S14 100m Backstroke
  • Silver S14 200m Freestyle
  • Silver S14 200m Individual Medley
  • Great Britain's Para Swimmer of the Year award 2015
  • European Championships Funchal, Portugal 2016
  • Silver S14 200m Freestyle
  • Silver S14 200m Individual Medley
  • Bronze S14 100m Backstroke
  • Paralympic Games Rio, Brazil 2016
  • Silver S14 200m Freestyle
  • Silver S14 200m Individual Medley
  • Bronze S14 100m Backstroke
  • World Para Series 2017
  • 4th in the World in the Open age group out of ALL Para classifications
  • World Championships Mexico 2017 (Qualified in 4 events but no team was sent due to the dangers after the earthquake)

Where to find Jessica Jane Applegate: twitter - @jessica_jane96 facebook - Jessica Jane Applegate MBE Instagram - jessicajaneapplegate  

We are giddy with excitement to introduce Jessica Jane Applegate as the next guest to #fillourtable :-)

1. You are at our Christmas dinner party, aside from us, who would you have at your ideal table and why?

This is really tricky... Last year I actually got to meet Micheal Phelps who is my inspiration, so I think Id go for Ant & Dec because they would be so much fun!

2. What foods are you most thankful for? 

It has to be locally produced meat, vegetables & fruit. It is so much better for you & tastes so good. I also eat a lot so I'm really grateful to our local farmers & butchers.

3. What is your most cherished family tradition regarding food?

Me & my mum always make sausage rolls & shortbread we love doing these together but the last few years Ive been doing the ginger bread house on my own. My nan makes a triffle every Christmas which can be a bit dodgy it depends on how much sherry she's drunk on the year the plastic wrapper from the jelly was inside the triffle.

4. What act of kindness has made the biggest/greatest difference to your life?

There are so many generous & kind people in the world but recently I was looking at having to retire due to my funding being cut & Kevin Horne from NWES started a funding campaign & basically saved my career.

My dogs are also the most loving & unjudging dogs in the whole world, they are my therapy.

5. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Yesterday I received a message from a young man via instagram who had been really struggling with autism. He told me that I had inspired him to start trying new things & to be proud to be different. He said I'd changed his life. Wow if you can reach out & help just one person then thats successful right?

6. If you had a dollar/pound to give to anyone in the world, who would you give it to and why?

I'd feed a homeless dog. Both my dogs are rescued & they all deserve so much better. If I could save every single one I would.


Thank you so much, Jessica Jane Applegate MBE! We have loved getting to know you better and are so proud to be able to support you as you swim!