When we first moved in to our location here on St John Maddermarket, we were located almost directly across from the wonderfully named 'Sinsins Boutique of Love'. We became fast friends with owners Martin and Sarah, and they could oft be seen sitting our windows sipping on Americanos and brightening all passersby with their infectious laughs. If you haven't been into Sinsins (now located on St. Benedict's Street), I would highly recommend a visit. Tasteful, respectful, and happy, the shop and owners know exactly how to make an awkward and unBritish conversation comfortable and friendly. Martin and Sarah are absolutely brilliant Norwich Independent shop owners, and it's with that in mind we invite them to our (hypothetical) Figbar Christmas Dinner Party!

Martin & Sarah of Sinsins Boutique of Love, so excited for you to be the next to #fillourtable

Name: Martin & Sarah
What you do: We are Sinsins Boutique of Love - a little independent boutique nestled within the Norwich Lanes quarter offering intimate gifts for all you lovers, dreamers, sweethearts, romantics, passionistas & solo explorers. 
Who are you guys? "We are a very down to earth husband and wife team and we love what we do. Expect fairy lights, bunting, Nat King Cole playing in the background and a joyous selection of love gifts and sex toys that we and our customers truly believe in. We've been in business for over 15 years now and know our products very well...partly through experience and partly through customer feedback."

Find Us: 14 St. Benedict's Street, Norwich NR2 4AG Facebook @sinsinsboutiqueoflove twitter: @sinsinsboutique instagram @sinsinsboutique www.sinsins.com


1. . What foods are you most thankful for? Bacon. Proper home cooked chunky chips. Chocolate. (not on the same plate)

2. What is your most cherished family tradition regarding food? Cooking al fresco over a summer camp fire.

3. What act of kindness has made the biggest/greatest difference to your life? Being loaned £1000 to set up my first business by a gentleman who trusted in me 30 years ago. I promised I’d pay him back within 12 months. Harry died from cancer before I could meet up with him to pay the last instalment. I’ve been self employed ever since.

4. What is the best compliment you have ever received? I love you

5. If you had a dollar/pound to give to anyone in the world, who would you give it to and why? I would give it to the smiliest most sparkly eyed octogenarian-plus I could find.


Thank you, Martin & Sarah! So excited for you to be part of the conversation that is #fillourtable :-)