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One Month!

Well, we made it! One month of being open!  It's been some trial and error, but mostly a lot of joy.  We've ended the month with slightly altered hours (up-to-date on our website, but not yet on our door), some fabulous new staff members to cover me as I enter maternity (make sure you say 'hi' to Poppy, Dani, and Ellen!), an alcohol licence (Chapel Down Sparkling Brut and English Rose as well as Curious Beers and Cider, oh my!), and a few new desserts (the scrumptious American summer classic of S'mores and a beautiful Apricot & Pistachio dish). 

We've had a few dramas, like when we walked in one morning to a waterfall from one of the light fixtures- quickly sorted thanks to some great plumbers.  And the heat played havoc on our pastries- we've had to play croissants and pain au chocolate by ear every morning as we kept our fingers crossed the dough would rise well.  Radio Norfolk even came in to talk to us over cinnamon buns and coffee about how the heat was challenging to our new business.

We made some great new friends at Mustard TV when we chatted to Darren and Helen, but it was Ella who stole the show with her duck wellies and social media charm when she watched herself back off the television.

And we only have more to come!  This month is going to bring about a few new desserts that Chef Jaime has been testing in the kitchen as well as some wine pairings to match the desserts.  We've got a few new songs on the ipod, new cakes and breakfast offerings (while we wait for the croissant dough to rise!), and a cheeky savoury snack or two at lunch time (olive focaccia and jalepeno cornbread have been my favourites).

And now I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and a bit slower on my feet, I'll hopefully to get chat to more of you as I listen to my midwife and take more rests.  It's been such a pleasure reacquainting ourselves with this fine city of lovely people, and it's been our pleasure serving you your sugar fix for the past month.  Here's to August!