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Opening Figbar

It turns out painting takes a lot longer than you realize. 

When we first decided to open a restaurant, we did the normal thing of discussing the minute details.  We had a menu plan (which later went out the window), we had cutlery and wine glasses picked out (those changed too), and we opened the door with excited spirits and enthusiasm...

and then the burglar alarm of the little café we purchased began blaring.  We had been given the keys, but nowhere was any indication of an alarm!  It sirened louder and louder, and we didn't know who was going to come- police, firefighters, or just interested bystanders. 

Instead, a group of people outside Ali Bongo started dancing to the beat of the alarm, the lovely owners of Sin Sins and Les Garrigues came over to make sure our hearing was still intact, and we had a story indicative of how opening a restaurant would go: Enthusiasm stampeded by fear bringing about laughter, support, and a really good cup of coffee.

Our excitement hasn't once wavered, but there sure has been a lot of fear: 16 foot ceilings are very tall to paint, it turns out a pastry breaker weighs more than 3 men and requires a forklift to get into the kitchen, and opening dates must be fluid because you never know when a plumber will next be available. 

So as our opening approaches, we are (still!) painting, hammering tiles onto the bar, sanding floors and tables, and creating a pastry and dessert menu nothing short of spectacular.  Check back here or on our Instagram account @figbarnorwich for photos of our journey to getting to meet you guys, the guests we hope will frequent our establishment with the joy we put into opening it for you.