No 23 St John Maddermarket
Norwich, Norfolk NR2 1DN



Feel free to email us or
use the form to the right. 

We try to answer every correspondence within 48 hours.

Please Note, we are unable to accept reservation requests due to the size and layout of our restaurant. 


1. Can I make a reservation? 

I'm afraid not. Our restaurant is small, and we have an unconventional layout. In fact, we only seat 20 people along 2 bars (on the window and against one wall) and on a sharing table. We have extra stools available, and we are happy for you to reposition these as necessary when you visit. Generally, there will be a seat available, but if not, feel free to stand and take a look over the menu during your wait.

2. Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Yes! Available at Figbar in any denomination. :-)

3. I have a Dietary requirement and/or allergy, can you accommodate me?

We welcome absolutely everyone through our doors, and we hope to share the goodness of Chef Jaime Garbutt's creations to as many people as possible, but sometimes that can be a challenge when it comes to special dietary needs. We will do what we are able within the constraints of our kitchen to accommodate your dietary requirement and/or allergy. That said, please note that we are quite butter, cream, nut, and sugar heavy (we can blame the Michelin-level training Chef Jaime endured!). Chef Jaime alone creates and designs every single element that comes out of the kitchen and onto your plates. If it's not good enough, he won't send it. While a blessing when you can eat it, a curse when you can't! And he is working hard to start to develop dishes that may be suitable for more dietary needs. But with only 24 hours in a day, this is proving a lot more challenging than one would anticipate!

As our menu changes frequently, please do ask a member of staff if you have a particular allergy. On our current menu, nut allergies and vegan diets are the hardest, and occasionally impossible, for us to cater for.

We welcome all feedback, and knowing which allergies and requirements are most prevalent is helpful to us. Please feel free to email if you have any further queries.

4. Chef looks grumpy, what's up?

Having our kitchen on display is pretty fun for us. Chef Jaime is used to being locked away in the basement or back-of-house in restaurants, and sometimes his stress levels- which wouldn't be seen if our kitchen was behind a wall- can show on his face! He creates and develops every element of every dish, and sometimes things go wrong. The benefit to our kitchen is you can watch this is action (we will never forget the bending of the muffin tin back in December... who knew chefs were so strong!), but it also means that sometimes his stress levels are very much on show. A good joke will usually crack this... or an offer of a fine whiskey :-)

5. Can we hire figbar out for exclusive use?

Yes! We are able to privately hire out our entire restaurant; please email to discuss.

6. Do you offer any wholesale?

Yes! We are delighted to create a bespoke price list and menu to suit whatever wholesale needs you may have. Please email to discuss further.

7. Can i get a cake to take to my Birthday/anniversary/special event?

Definitely! We'd love to discuss what cake options we have on offer. Generally, ones we serve in our restaurant are a good rule of thumb- these can serve between 12-16 people. Check out our instagram feed @figbarnorwich and have a scroll. Please remember we are not cake decorators, so that beauty of a wedding cake that looks like a Chanel handbag isn't something we'll be able to offer... but a Banana Buck-eye Cake? Now you're speaking our language!

8. Where's your phone number?

Sorry- we don't have one! (I know, in this day and age!). Please email if you need us :-)

9. I'm from a media or publication, how do i get in touch? 

Please email

10. I can't find the Answer to my question here.

Feel free to email us at or use the form above! We look forward to hearing from you!