white chocolate cheesecake, passionfruit gel, pistachio crumb, cardamom rhubarb, 
pink pepper meringues, sea buckthorn sorbet

poached pear, pear pate de fruit, white chocolate, pear sorbet, 
candied walnuts, caramelised puff pastry, honey Roquefort ice cream

earl grey creme brûlée, lemon curd, brown bread ice cream
squashed fly garibaldi biscuit, roasted cinnamon cornflakes

fried apple pie, cider vinegar pastille, rice pudding,
smoked maple butterscotch, pecan shortbread, salted miso ice cream

salted butter caramel, peanut parfait,
chocolate mousse (this dish contains raw eggs)

We are proud to support Norwich foodbank with a £1 donation for every Snickers sold.

Please click through the image below to find out more about the Norwich foodbank.

 sweet treats

Sweet treats start from our opening hour!  They vary based on season and inspiration.  You will likely see financiers (perhaps a Peanut Butter and Jelly or 'PB&J financier, or a coffee version, or even fruit like strawberry or blueberry), individual cakes (you may find  lemon polenta, chocolate bundt, Jaffa), and, of course, Chef Jaime Garbutt's infamous gianduja chocolate brownies. YUM!  You never know what else may appear, so follow us on social media to discover when we have sweet specials like pecan pie, egg custard tart, and celebration cookies.


We have select savoury items available during lunchtime hours that vary daily. 


All of our pastries are made in house.  This includes pie crust for bakewells, pecan pie, and other yummy sweet treats that you will find on our counter.  We have breakfast pastries that vary daily and are subject to availability.  You'll likely find scrumptious cream-cheese-icing-topped cinnamon rolls (or a variation), croissant-muffins ('cruffins' or 'braided croissant' affectionately), brioche pretzels, or another delicious morning goodie to satisfy any sweet tooth.

All of our pastries, ice creams, breads, and goodies are
freshly made here each morning in our kitchen
by Chef Jaime Garbutt.  Savouries and Sweet Treats vary daily.


Please ask if you have any questions regarding allergy or dietary requirements. 

Our counter items vary daily and once sold are gone for the day!